Tea Tree Solutions
Humidity is a breeding ground for mould, especially in North Queensland, where mould can be known to grow everywhere including inside cupboards, up to ceilings and on floors

Our Gelair™ division was established, after extensive research, to be effective and reliable.

Gelair’s™ product range uses the natural power of tea tree oil to inhibit mould. It is also great for killing bacteria—such as Legionella Pneumophila, which can cause Legionnaires disease.

In any commercial or residential environment, the North’s leading flooring company has got all your needs covered from our locally owned and convenient Cairns base

Studies have also shown tea tree solutions are effective at inhibiting virus cycles, such as H1N1, the cause of Swine Flu.

Gelair™ products have a fresh, natural fragrance from the tea tree oil. For more than 10 years, they have been available to the Australia, US and European markets, helping keep homes and offices staying and smelling fresh.

Solve your mould problems with Gelair™ — The Natural Tea Tree Oil Treatment For Mould



Combines the power of tea tree oil with a multi-purpose cleaner to kill and protect against mould and bacteria.


Can be used for rapid or extensive treatment and control of mould and bacteria.


Specifically designed to clean and sterilise within an air conditioner cooling coils and ducts.


These fantastic products are available in a handy 750ml trigger bottle and in 20Lt. drums


Designed to help stop the spread of invisible mould, bacteria and viruses through high volume and flow areas, such as air conditioners.


Used to kill mould, bacteria and viruses in wall and cassette split air-conditioning systems.


Available in 2 fragrances, this all-purpose product is ideal for low-flow areas, such as the bathroom, toilet and wardrobe to protect against the mould, bacteria and viruses.

For more information, visit the Gelair™ website or talk to our team at John Chisholm Flooring.



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